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Who is Level Up Leadership 2.0 for?

This is intended for middle executives, high potential candidates, entrepreneurs, and business owners, next generation of sales force, and professionals.

Why is Level Up Leadership 2.0 needed?

We are at a time when we cannot solve new problems with old solutions and methods. Instead of focusing on “what is done,” ask “what can be done?” It is important to focus on “how to think” of solutions that can carry out significant transformations.

Session 1: The Core of Leadership

Digging deep into what makes a Leader tough by strengthening what’s within and understanding the current and future trends to business.

✓ Challenges leaders face today
✓ On frameworks & roadmaps
✓ Understanding the Present & Anticipating the Future
✓ Difference between management & leadership
✓ Four levels of leadership competence
✓ Essential strategies for business
✓ Case studies & Self Assessment Test

Session 2: Critical Leadership Skills

A purposive program designed to dig deeper into the human-centric skills that a leader would need for the world of the new normal.

✓ Leadership & Change Management

✓ Leadership Training Then & Now

✓ 9 Leaderships Skills for the Era of The New Possible

    • Complex Problem Solving Skills
    • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Values & Ethics
    • Leadership Perspective
    • Resourceful Resilience
    • Creative Processing
    • Managing Ambiguity
    • Effective communication & Engagement

✓ Case studies

Session 3: Leadership Communication & Engagement

Delving intensively into the “what” and the “how” of communicating within the new environment of digital transformation and change.

✓ Generational differences and how it applies to leadership
✓ On employee engagement
✓ Signs of actively disengaged employees
✓ Important questions to ask on leadership
✓ Words to Avoid
✓ Powerful communication tips
✓ 5 Love Languages
✓ Introductory & Relationship questions activities

Summary of Inclusions and Rates

3 hours of intensive training for 3 days.

Level Up Leadership Kit sent to the participant’s doorsteps (client shoulders freight fee).

Free access to quarterly 1-hour town hall get-together with Francis Kong.

Exclusive discount coupon for your friends.

Exclusive leadership content and access to Success Options’ Viber community.