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Level Up Leadership is known as a training program that's updated and upgraded every year.

This year, this program that's now a CSC Accredited Learning and Development Institution, has been thoroughly updated by Francis Kong; equipping us for the many changes in business, so we can, not just survive, but thrive in this new decade of economic and technology driven landscape.

The four points will include: Leadership. Inspiration. Engagement. Productivity. 

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Written by: Rachel Kong

Level Up Leadership is known to be Francis Kong's exclusive and most premium Training program, made explicitly for leaders and those aspiring to be. Its exclusivity has produced our desire to not just keep it up to date but to keep the content ahead of the changing business landscape.

So this brings us to this question of what exactly is new this year that makes this different from all the other years that we've updated and upgraded Level Up Leadership?

But before we get to the what, let's first get to know the why.

Harvard Business Review is well known to keep the world up to date with the many changes in the business landscape. In the past year alone, so many changes are seen through the headlines of their magazine. From the importance of data, all the way to the importance of security, and privacy of the data of our users. From environmental changes (Taal Volcano for us local Filipinos) and how to create strategies for uncertainties that happen in business to the increase of awareness to the importance of digital marketing and content. From the behaviors of the millennials to the unknown of the new generation that's joining the workplace and the many issues we face with their unique mindset.

How exactly are we going to be equipped as leaders to lead this new generation that's entering the workplace when everything else is changing, and the pace of change becomes faster? How can we create more future leaders, encouraging and molding millennials to level up so they can lead and grow the next generation?

Francis Kong talks about all of the changes that are happening in the world, the ramifications of these changes to the culture in the workplace, and how this will change our behaviors and how we communicate, not just with our people, but with our clients whose behavior is continuously evolving as well.

Here's a quick breakdown of some of the changes he is covering this year:
1 .Current Factors that Affect Business
-The big 5 of today
-Ownership and access redefined
-The 5 P's of Talent
-(and many more to start with...)
2. Leadership today
- New case studies
- Understanding GRAIN
- The fourth industrial civilization
- The emergence of new problems
- The different generations and their mindset
3. Engagement
- Four questions of employee engagement
- Connecting with people
- Asking questions
- Integrity
4. Inspiration
- Attitude, motivation, and inspiration
- Assessment Test
- Building a culture of compliments (the right way!)
- Teamwork
- Marketing and communications
5. Productivity
- New recommendations for edutainment
- Work-life balance to harmony (and tips to help us reach this effectively)
- Other TIps
6. And More
- Creativity and change management
- Entrepreneurial tips and tools
- Drivers of business
- Disruptors of the modern-day living
- Finite vs. Infinite mindset

There's just so many new ideas and principles we're bringing in to our table this year, and we can't share this with you.

Join us in our next run and be one of the first to learn this (almost) brand new #LevelUpLeadership Program made and trained exclusively by Francis Kong.

See you there!




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