Level Up Leadership: The Excellence Advantage

For excellent self leadership skills.



This unique program refreshes life’s fundamentals by aligning mindset with values, enabling wiser life and career decisions. Tailored for diverse audiences, it emphasizes recognizing the core building blocks of a value-filled path to success, connecting heart and mind for enduring achievements in career, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.



Breakdown of Sessions:

  1. Introduction and Future Readiness: Setting the groundwork for the essential needs of future-proofing businesses.

  2. Professional and Personal Skill Development Tips: Kicking off with a cognitive shift towards personal success.

  3. 7 Excellence Skills for Work and Life: Bridging generational gaps and exploring effective communication strategies within the evolving digital and changing landscape.

  4. Demographics in Communication and Engagement: Discovering how to navigate demographic shifts and effectively communicate in a post-pandemic world.

Francis Kong as Author Trainer Entrepreneur Broadcaster Columnist Thought Leader Brand Ambassador Mentor Husband Father & Grandfather

the man behind the program

About Me

He is one of the most respected business speakers in the Philippines, and a recipient of The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Award in 2014.

As an entrepreneur, Francis is well-versed in manufacturing and

Francis sits as an independent director on the Board of Primer Holdings, Incorporated. As well as Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation.

As a broadcaster, Francis also held a segment in a radio program called “Business Matters” at DZFE-FM 98.7 and has shifted to releasing his thoughts through podcast.

As a columnist for the Philippine Star, his column has been awarded “Best Business Column” for 4 years and a Hall of Fame Award in 2016 by the Catholic Mass Media Awards.

As an author, he has written 24 books and counting. Many titles have become best-sellers in the country’s top bookstores.

Level Up 7 excellence points The Excellence Advantage


Excellent Awareness


Excellent Worth


Excellent Control


Excellent Integrity


Excellent Discipline


Excellent Expectancies


Excellent Dimension

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the kind of person who craves answers and seeks clarity before making important decisions? If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

We’ve prepared a set of four fundamental questions about our Level Up: The Excellence Advantage, just for you. Whether you’re contemplating joining us or already part of our community, we’re committed to ensuring your journey is seamless and exhilarating.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out at any time. Together, let’s embark on an exciting leadership adventure!

What's Level Up Leadership The Excellence Advantage?

A one-of-a-kind program meticulously crafted to instill vital attitudes, values, and insights that pave the way for enduring success. This program is focused on unearthing each person’s innate potential, igniting a lasting view of productivity for peak performance across all life domains. Whether your aspirations lean towards career growth, entrepreneurial endeavors, or personal development, our course offers a holistic journey towards meaningful progress and sustained, transformative change.

Who is this For?

Francis Kong has designed this program to be customized for individuals at every stage of life. Whether you’re just embarking on your career journey or leading others, our program is meticulously crafted to reinforce essential principles, enabling each person to pursue enduring success.

How can this Help?

Think of our program as a quick refresher on the fundamentals. It all kicks off by aligning your mindset and putting values and ethics front and center as the building blocks for making wise choices in both your life and career.

Francis tailors this program to harmonize with the culture and values of the organization or the diverse audience he’s speaking to. He frames the lessons in a way that resonates with people of all ages.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Excellent Awareness: Recognizing the abundance in life.
  • Excellent Worth: Grasping your true value.
  • Excellent Control: Taking the reins and making things happen.
  • Excellent Integrity: Becoming a more well-rounded person.
  • Excellent Expectancies: Nurturing a positive outlook.
  • Excellent Discipline: Sticking to the grind.
  • Excellent Dimension: Seeing the big picture in life.

It’s all about connecting heart and mind, so our actions can follow suit.

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Why is this needed?

In an era defined by constant change and enduring uncertainty, the ability to make swift and well-informed decisions is important. Yet, how can we be sure that we’re are on the mark? This program is a reinforcement and realignment of the foundational principles, ensuring our resilience in the face of the ever-shifting tides of change. By promoting cognitive reframing, it cultivates greater mental agility and flexibility, fostering alignment within organizations to meet the challenges of today’s uncertain terrain.

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