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Course Expectations
Attend and learn from leaders of different industries.
Learn in-depth analysis through breakout sessions and case studies.
Experience lesson activities you can bring to your team.
Be a part of the community of leaders beyond the training session.
Get access to the officially recorded sessions available after the class for review for 2 weeks.
Access to future exclusive content related to the sessions you have attended.
and more…
Kit Inclusions
Exclusive Level Up 2.0 Canvas Bag
Values Cards Exercise
Three free coffee drips
Two free Kurimu ice cream pints for all Metro Manila Participants
A free (non perishable) Francis Kong book for provincial & international Participants
and more…

Courses Descriptions

what makes us special?

Our training program is personally developed by Francis Kong specifically for the modern agile leader in mind.

We update

We understand the local market, and as chronic change becomes the new normal, we seek to present applicable leadership principles no matter the situation.

We deliver

Whether Virtual, face-to-Face, or Hybrid, we make the training experience work for you. Our team will make sure that you and your team will get the best, seamless experience for training that will be unforgettable.

We connect

We strive to create a training experience that will last beyond the event, connecting the past and the future through best practices and connecting people. Tickets include access to exclusive content, recordings, and more.

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Personalized and Tailor Fit for your needs.

As many things have changed, different industries and companies have different needs. We make the main thing the main thing by ensuring that each session is constantly up to date and relevant to the ever-changing market needs.

The Leadership Compass

When the terrain of work and business changes and becomes "the unknown," we don't just need to have a roadmap. We need a compass. Level Up Leadership builds different tools designed to help equip leaders with the right skills needed on their journey.

Wholistic and Practical

The skills we focus on in this program are designed to apply in all aspects of leadership, whether in the home or at work. We include practical, real-life applied examples and activities leaders can bring with them after the program.

Not sure where to begin?
No need to worry, we’ll be here to help.

We deliver the service for training in multiple formats. We guarantee to have something for you. If not, we’ll help you find an alternate solution.

Our pricing structure. *shipping not included*

No Hidden Charges! Check out our prices.

attend 1 session

regular rate

Access to Online Learning
Manual and Materials shipped directly to your doorsteps
Access to Official Recorded Session
Free book (and maybe more!)

attend 2 sessions

10% off
Access to Online Learning
Manual and Materials shipped directly to your doorstep.
Access to Official Recorded Session
Free book (and maybe more!)

about our company

Success Options, Inc. Your Quality Partner for training.

“Be willing to accept a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement. Self-improvement should be intentional but the effort and time invested in it will pay off in handsome dividends one day.” – Francis Kong

One of the philosophies of business I have learned growing up is to strive for continuous improvement of the self, our product, and our services. That is to, first, remember to introspect before anything else and always have the desire to learn. This has been deeply ingrained in our family culture and naturally absorbed in our company’s operations.

The way we operate business hasn’t changed from pre-pandemic days to now. It has allowed us to keep our eyes open for what’s new while constantly upholding our values and principles. It paved the way for innovation in our services. 

To know more about what we can do for you and your business, message us at [email protected] or visit our website.

Rachel Kong


Planning to join as a group?extra 10% off for groups of 5 +
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Attend anywhere!

Attendees include exclusive access to our LMS where they can continue their Leadership experience beyond the scheduled training dates.